Tuesday, 22 September 2015

WeChat Replaces Infected App In Apple App Store

The developers of the very popular chat app WeChat have posted a new version in the Apple App Store, after the previous one with the XcodeGhost-malware had infected. A developer of WeChat used an unofficial version of Xcode to develop the app.

This unofficial version was infected with malware, which also developed apps became infected. In the case of WeChat went alone to the 6.2.5 version for iOS. According to the developers, the malware is no data or users of money stolen.Meanwhile released version 6.2.6 which does not contain the malware, although not in the release notes listed in the release. Only in a blog post, users are pointed out. WeChat has 600 million active users, of which at least 70 million outside China. This is the total number of users. In addition to the iOS app WeChat is also available for Android, Windows and other platforms.

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