Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Infected Ads On YouPorn And Pornhub

After xHamster are also on the popular porn site Pornhub and YouPorn contaminated ads have appeared that tried to infect visitors with malware, says anti-malware company Malwarebytes. The websites get together 800 million visitors per month.

Pornhub is according to Alexa on the 64th spot of most visited websites on the internet. YouPorn is at the 161st place back. The ads came from the ExoClick ad network. The ads sent visitors without being noticed this through to a website with the Angler-exploitkit. This exploitkit uses known vulnerabilities include Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer to install malware. For whatever it's malware was not disclosed.

After Geek Mind, publisher Pornhub and YouPorn, discovered the ad network ads were off the infected ads. The company also states that all third-party advertising on "continuous basis" audit to malvertising, as mentioned infected ads preventable. Recently, it was also for the third time in a year hit by xHamster. This website receives nearly half a billion visitors monthly.

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