Tuesday, 22 September 2015

US Builds Aircraft That Can Hack Wifi Networks

The US Air Force has a plane converted to the wireless networks of the enemy from the air can attack and can block enemy communications. During some tests would be the US Air Force have managed to manipulate a network attacked from the air.

That left Major General Wilson Burke during a recent conference know, reports Breaking Defense. As for the plane WiFi attacks, a Lockheed EC-130H Compass Call used. According to Wilson, the converted EC-130 networks can attack which in most cases can not be accessed via traditional ways, but further details are not given. Many military networks deliberately would not be connected to the Internet in order to prevent attacks.

Wilson emphasises that the use of the aircraft does not mean that the US will no longer try to attack through traditional networking opportunities. "But to use other domains, such as from the air, I think is really the future," said Major-General. It will also be possible to have a target in different ways and to attack at the same time from different domains.

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