Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Swiss Government Warns Of Contaminated Ads

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the Swiss government has warned Internet users to infected ads that tried to install a Trojan horse. The ads were distributed through a popular Swiss ad network was hacked.

The ads were equipped with malicious code that abuse of known vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Firefox, made Java or Adobe Flash Player. In case users this software were not up to date and had a German or French institution, the Gozi Trojan was installed. This is a Trojan specifically designed to steal money from online bank accounts. The version that was spreading through the ads focused on five Swiss and two Thai sofas.

According to the Swiss CERT are potentially hundreds of thousands of Internet users become infected through contaminated ads. Last Friday, the owner of the botnet suddenly decided to remove the malware. All the infected computers were instructed to uninstall the Trojan horse. The reason is unclear, according to the CERT. The government organization thinks the botnet administrator may have earned enough money or that he saw the CERT operation had been discovered and therefore decided to disable the botnet.

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