Monday, 28 September 2015

US Navy Ships Will Protect Against Cyber Attacks

The US Navy is working on a system to protect ships against cyber attacks, as more and more physical systems accessible via the Internet. The system is called Resilient Hull, Mechanical and Electrical Security (Rhimes) and to prevent malicious attackers to take over or turn off the mechanical and electrical control systems.

"The purpose of Rhimes is to repel cyber attacks," said Rear-Admiral Mat Winter. "This technology helps the Navy to protect the ship's physical systems, but it can also have important applications in the protection of the physical infrastructure of our country." The system must eventually prevent attackers from accessing the programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which are in communication with the physical systems of the ship.

To protect the ship systems used different techniques Rhimes to stop entire classes of attacks. In addition, the security system ensures that every controller just slightly different. An exploit for one controller will then no longer work for the other controllers. This technique can be used according to the Navy also, for example, factories, automobiles and airplanes. When Rhimes will be launched was not disclosed.

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