Friday, 25 September 2015

Cisco Launches Scanner For Finding Hacked Routers

Cisco has a scanner launched enabling organizations hacked routers can be found on their network where the firmware is updated. Attackers appear to hack through stolen passwords or physical access Cisco routers and install a custom operating system.

This custom operating system is called the SYNFUL Knock-malware. Through the malware continue to keep the attackers access to the corporate network, even resetting the router. Cisco recently conducted a scan on the internet and discovered 199 IP addresses that were infected with the SYNFUL Knock-malware. Now, Cisco has developed a tool that allows customers hacked routers can find on their own network. It is in this case only routers that are infected with the SYNFUL Knock-malware.

The tool does come with a manual. The rotation of the tool via network address translation (NAT) can affect the accuracy of the tool and make sure the tool hacked routers can not detect. Cisco advises to carry out the tool from a network location where there is no NAT between the scanning system and the routers.

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