Sunday, 20 September 2015

Small Network Scanner CUJO Great Success IndieGoGo

A small device that scans network traffic for malware and other attacks is a huge success on crowd funding platform IndieGoGo. CUJO has the size of a large apple and monitor the movement of all devices on the network. Users need to connect the device only on their router and CUJO does the rest, according to the description on IndieGoGo.

According to the developers CUJO acts as a gateway between the internet and the devices on the network. All traffic is then inspected at the package level and blocked in the event of malware or other threats. For this fit CUJO deep packet inspection (DPI) increased. In addition to paying for the device itself, which costs $ 49, there must be a subscription of $ 9 per month closure. The subscription fees are required according to the developers to detect new threats.

For this retrieves the local CUJO-device information from the CUJO cloud. Although CUJO network traffic scanning, users have advised locally on the computer to install a virus. In four days time CUJO already raised $ 90,000 by 1259 people on Indie Gogo, while $ 30,000 was intended. With just 28 days to go, the network scanner is now at 300% of the funding goal.If everything goes according to plan, the first CUJO are delivered next February or March.

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