Friday, 18 September 2015

Trojan Cheat During Online Poker

In the past, there are several Trojans discovered that steal passwords and credit card information from online poker players, but now there is a copy discovered that was created to cheat. Which allow researchers from the Slovak anti-virus company ESET know today.

The Odlaner Trojan is located in popular programs like Daemon Tools or mTorrent offered outside the official website.There are several poker programs out where the malware was added. Once activated, the Trojan makes screenshots of poker players who play PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker and give their ID to the malware creator through. They can look up the poker player using the id line and then joins the table where the infected player at the moment is playing.

Or the malware creator then plays itself whether this is done through a bone is unknown, said the researchers. Most infections with the Odlaner Trojan are located in Eastern Europe, namely Russia (36% of infections) and the Ukraine (35%). In total, it will go to hundreds of casualties. The tactic to take screenshots is not new. In 2012 there was discovered another Trojan that this tactic applied.

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