Tuesday, 29 September 2015

FBI Warns Students For Phone Scam

The US FBI has investigative students studying in the United States warned of a new telephone scam that takes place at this time. The students are a number is called that of the FBI. However, this is a spoofed phone number.

In the United States, it is possible to use special spoofing services to spoof the own number, which makes the actual phone number is not displayed to the recipient. Instead, it will get to see a telephone number chosen by the caller. When the scam that is taking place does the caller as someone of the US Government or FBI and that the student has a fine open or tax.

It also happens that students with arrests are threatened or that they can not graduate unless the outstanding amounts are paid through Money Gram. Meanwhile were students at several American universities have been approached by the scammers. The FBI warns students that individuals never via phone will approach money and that no personal information should be given to unknown callers.

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