Friday, 18 September 2015

Google Will Support SSL 3.0 And RC4 Off

Google goes off in the medium term to support SSL 3.0 and RC4, which can affect systems that encrypted communicate with Google's servers. SSL 3.0 is now more than 16 years old and is for instance no longer supported in Google Chrome.

RC4 dating from 1987, is an algorithm that is used for setting up an encrypted connection. Both techniques are considered unsafe. Reason for Google to support SSL 3.0 and RC4 on the front-end servers to go off switch, so let Google engineer Adam Langley know. The Internet giant expects some problems with it. A survey among 200,000 most popular websites with HTTPS indicate that 58% still supports RC4 and 35% SSL 3.0.

The frontend-servers of Google are not only visited by Internet users via their browser. Communicate many embedded systems as well as any servers using SSL / TLS with Google's servers. If Google later with the support of SSL 3.0 RC4 and stops can cause problems. Therefore, the Internet giant has today established a minimum standard TLS TLS which clients must meet.

It may then go on to clients that use TLS for HTTPS, but also SMTP servers (mail servers) that use it for STARTTLS. According to Google, the new requirements would probably have to last until 2020. "But we can not predict the future," said Langley. To help organizations there is a special website set up that can be tested or to a part of the requirements are met.

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