Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Red Hat Warns Ceph Hacked Websites

Attackers have managed various websites of Ceph to hack, the free software storage platform developed by Red Hat. It involves ceph.com and download.inktank.com. Both websites are hosted outside the infrastructure of Red Hat.

Via download.inktank.com can Ceph Red Hat for Ubuntu and CentOS are downloaded. Ceph.com offers the upstream packages "for the Ceph community versions. The investigation into the hacking of the websites is ongoing, but as seen Red Hat, there is no code on the compromised websites. Yet the software developer says it can not be excluded that the sites any time or compromised code offered.

For both the software download.inktank.com as ceph.com also be new digital keys used with which the software is signed. Users should only use Ceph software that is signed with these new keys. In addition, managers of CentOS and Ubuntu using Ceph precaution download and install the new software autographed. Red Hat notes that managers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems need to take any action.

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