Saturday, 12 September 2015

American Systems Department 159 Hacked

From 2010 to 2014, the systems of the US Department of Energy hacked 159 times, according to government documents (pdf) by USA Today were retrieved. In total, the Department received during the four years to 1131 attacks, mostly malware.

Of these, 1131 attacks there were 159 successful. It seems to go both computers officials as servers. Sometimes a successful attack as a "compromise - root (intrusion successfull)" specified, while for other attacks "compromise - user (intrusion successfull)" is used. For what exactly will the systems and attacks is not mentioned in the document. Also not mentioned whether and what information the attackers managed to steal through the systems.

It also showed that the National Nuclear Security Administration, a semi autonomous government service within the Ministry of Energy and responsible for the management and protection of the American nuclear weapons had to make during the four years with 19 successful attacks. Also in this case, absence details about the attack and attacked systems. In 2013 there was an attack on the Ministry place where servers and workstations were hacked. Last year an audit report of the Inspector General, which found that 41 servers and 14 workstations of the Ministry default or easily guessed passwords used.

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