Monday, 14 September 2015

Google Takes Action Against Android Ransomware

With the latest version of the Android operating system that should appear, Google has taken measures against ransomware for late September. Late last year, the first copies of Android ransomware and since then there have appeared many variations. So this week became the first Android ransomware discovered devices with a locking pin.

With Marshmallow, such as Android version 6.0 is mentioned, Google has several measures for ransomware-makers will make a lot more difficult, according to security firm Symantec. Marshmallow will, in fact of a new permission model will use, in which users permissions should allow the moment of use. In this case, users will see a notification when an app wants permission from a "dangerous" category and then have to manually go to the settings of the app to enable this access.

Many Android ransomware using a specific permission to show some kind of warning system. This permission has been placed in the dangerous category. Symantec states that Marshmallow not automatically mean the end of ransomware, as the new permissions model is only valid if it is specifically on the Marshmallow software development kit (SDK) dir. If the ransomware an SDK from a previous Android version uses the ransomware can still work. Nevertheless expects the security that the new Android version will be an obstacle to ransomware makers.

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