Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mozilla Patches Numerous Leaks In Firefox 41

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox where 27 vulnerabilities patched. Through six vulnerabilities an attacker without much interaction from a user his or her system in the worst case can take over completely. This would require visiting a hacked or malicious Web site or see getting an infected ad suffice.

In Firefox 41 are further resolved numerous other bugs and added new features. One of the new additions to the browser is perfect forward secrecy for WebRTC. WebRTC is an open source project developed by Google which provides browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC). To the communications from users secure for applications and applications that WebRTC now use perfect forward secrecy required.

PFS at each session to generate a separate key and removed after the end of the session or sending a message. In the case attackers the encryption key compromise, they do not yet have access to the previously stored messages (sessions) of users, as these are generated using a separate derived key. WebRTC, according to critics, a privacy risk because the information users can leak. Updating to Firefox 41 via the automatic update feature of the browser,

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