Friday, 11 September 2015

Android Ransomware Locks Devices With PIN

There is a new form of Android ransomware discovered that locks devices with a PIN, causing casualties at worst have no other choice than to perform a factory reset and thus losing all their data, let the Slovak anti-virus company ESET today know.

According to the virus fighter is the first time that Android ransomware set the PIN lock. The ransomware attempts to obtain after the system administrator rights. For this, the malware uses a window on the activation window appears and pretends to be patch. Once the user herein kicks the ransomware displays a so-called warning by the FBI that bans pornographic websites visited and sets a lock code.

According to the warning should be fined $ 500 to be paid. After the appearance of the warning screen is locked. Users can ransomware or through Safe Mode or Android Debug Bridge (ADB) removal, but that there is still no access to the phone.After the ransomware can set the PIN code both the attacker and the owner no longer unlock the device.

The PIN is because randomly generated and not sent to the attacker. "The only practical way is a factory reset" said analyst Luke Stefanko. It lose users and their data. In the case the device is retted can be changed in this way, the PIN code without any factory reset. The ransomware is especially active in the United States and is spreading through unofficial marketplaces, warez forums and torrents. Users also are advised to only download apps via Google Play.

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