Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fuss About New Privacy Policy Anti-virus Company AVG

This week published anti-virus company AVG a new privacy policy which will take effect next month, but on the Internet there is the fuss about arisen because the virus fighter surfing habits will collect and can sell it to third parties. The privacy policy of AVG contains only one page, which it describes itself as a model for the software industry.

The anti-virus company called on other companies also to formulate a similar brief privacy policy. Internet users on Reddit questions about the content of the Privacy Policy. AVG says that the non-personal data collected in order to continue to offer free of charge to the Hotel. This relates to surf and search history, including metadata. Used Internet service or mobile network provider are also stored, and information on other software that users have installed on their computer or device.

"Sometimes contain browsing history or search history terms that you can identify. If we find that some of your browsing history you identify possible, we'll part as a personal treat information and anonymise this information," know as late as the anti-virus company. Users worry as AVG only intervenes if it detects that identifying private data are stored. The privacy policy states that AVG may share non-personal data with third parties and may publish or collected anonymous information.

Users do have the option to opt-out of the collection and use of certain data, including personal and non-personal data.For this, pointing the privacy policy to a page, but the page only contains instructions on how to unsubscribe from newsletters.

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