Friday, 18 September 2015

Cisco: Routers Hacked Via Stolen Passwords

In recent days, much has been written about attacks on Cisco routers with the firmware of the device was replaced so that attackers had permanent access to the corporate network. In total, worldwide, 79 found such hacked routers.

Cisco had already before the attack warning, but now has shown again that the attackers do not use vulnerabilities in the products of the manufacturer's network. To access the routers are used stolen credentials, says Omar Santos Cisco. Another possibility is that the attackers have physical access to the equipment, and thus the control system may be replaced by a modified version.

"As the technology evolves, so does the nature and complexity of attacks," Santos notes. According to him, this is an example of the "evolution of attacks" in which attackers try to steal login details and then unnoticed to carry out an attack so they keep longer time access to the area surrounding the target. Cisco made ​​the following video explaining how this particular attack is to detect and prevent.

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