Sunday, 13 September 2015

Enigmail Is Encrypted Email Easily Create

The makers of Enigmail, a popular extension for the Thunderbird email client allowing users to email encrypted, working on a solution that encrypts e-mail via Thunderbird should be as simple as possible. For the development is in pretty Easy privacy cooperated.

Pretty Easy privacy (p = p) is a project that last year $ 51,000 through IndieGoGo managed to pick up and aims to make anonymous and encrypted e-mail. Enigmail and pretty Easy privacy will be offering the p = p technology to Thunderbird users.Although EnigMail the most popular solution for encrypting e-mail, most people send their emails encrypted, so states Patrick Brunschwig, main developer of Enigmail.

Encrypted email as Brunschwig unavoidable to protect privacy. By working with p = p needs to change this. P = p provides the ability to encrypt messages automatically, without requiring users to deal with issues such as key management. It is intended to be processed, this technology also in EnigMail. The first version of Enigmail and p = p must appear in December this year.

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