Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Malware On Google Play Infected 200 000 Android Devices

Criminals have managed to place two infected apps on Google Play downloaded between 200,000 and 1 million times. These are two versions of an app called Brain Test. Once users have downloaded the app which tried four different exploits to gain root access. In case this was managed persistent malware installed posing as a system module.

Then the app installed additional applications on the infected machine. In order to prevent removal Brain Test uses two system applications in order to monitor the removal of one of the components. Once one of the parts is removed, the second reinstallation. The malware was discovered by a user who deleted the infected app, but then saw how returning to the unit by itself again.

After being briefed by security company Check Point has one of the infected apps September 15 removed. The first version was removed from Google Play on August 24th. Android Users whose phone has been infected are advised to delete the app. In the case which comes back to the persistent system module is installed, which means that the operating system via an official ROM must be re-installed.

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