Saturday, 19 September 2015

Anti-Virus Company AVG: We Will Not Sell Personal Data

The past few days was the Czech anti-virus company AVG because of the new privacy a storm of criticism to endure. In the Privacy Policy, which begins on October 15, AVG says that the non-personal data collected in order to continue to offer free of charge to the Hotel.

This relates to surf and search history, including metadata. Used Internet service or mobile network provider are also stored, and information on other software that users have installed on their computer or device. The privacy policy states that AVG may share non-personal data with third parties and may publish or collected anonymous information. Because all the fuss AVG now has a statement been published. It'll let you know which collect most software programs and Web usage data. In this way, the products can be improved and new products are being developed.

AVG says consumers can decide for themselves whether they will join the anonymized data collection program. The option which ensures that usage data will be collected is added to the consumer free of charge of the company. "And we can confirm that data is not being shared until our clients have been able to make this choice," said the virus fighter.Thereby allows the anti-virus company know that no personally identifiable data will be selling and that currently can not do.

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