Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Washington Post Blocks Adblock Users

The Washington Post website is a test begun blocking Adblock users, such as Adblock Plus. Who visits the website with a AdBlocker get a pop-up that states that the advertisements of the newspaper are safe and respect the privacy of readers. You will then be prompted to turn off the AdBlocker, otherwise it is not possible to read articles.

Other readers report that they are being redirected to a page that asks you to sign up for the newsletter and gain access to the desired article. "Without income from subscriptions or ads, we can not deliver the journalism that people have come to expect. We are now various ways to the test to see what these readers can move to allow advertisements in the Washington Post, or to subscribe" , as a spokesman opposite let BuzzFeed know. Meanwhile, users on the Internet ask how they can block the bypass.

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