Friday, 25 September 2015

Lenovo Again Accused Of Installing Dubious Software

Computer manufacturer Lenovo is again accused of installing dubious software on laptops. Previously, the company came under fire because the Superfish spyware bundled with laptops. Later it turned out that on some models a BIOS rootkit was installed to install the software on their own computers, even though Windows is installed from a clean DVD.

This time enables IT expert Michael Horowitz Lenovo tracking software to install so-called refurbished laptops. Horowitz had two such laptops purchased directly from IBM. The computers were provided with a clean installation of Windows 7 Professional. When analyzing the software on the computer expert saw that the program "Lenovo Customer Feedback Program 64" was performed daily.

According to the description of the program will send the data every day to Lenovo. In the configuration of the software he found a DLL file named Omniture, a company that deals with web analytics and online marketing. "While there appear no additional ads in the ThinkPads, there is something to monitor and track," said Horowitz. "On the one hand, it is surprising because the machines were refurbished and sold by IBM. On the other hand, it is in view of the past of Lenovo not at all surprising."

Lenovo has made ​​a separate page put on the software online. In it, the computer giant announced that Lenovo systems include programs that can communicate with servers on the Internet. It is non-personal and non-identifying information about using the Lenovo software are sent to the company. To avoid this, users with administrative privileges, the scheduled tasks of the Lenovo Customer Feedback Program off.

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