Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Signal 2.0 Introduces Encrypted Chat On iOS

There is a new version of the Signal for iOS app appeared, which lets users both with other users and Signal Text Secure users can chat encrypted on Android. Through the app, users could already encrypted with each call . Signal was developed by Open Whisper Systems, which previously Text Secure and RedPhone developed for Android. The developers do not charge for their apps and let them see no ads. The development of the apps is fully funded by donations and grants.

The Signal app uses the existing telephone number and address book. According to the developer, users therefore no separate logins, usernames, passwords or PINs to remember or they run the risk of losing it. They also emphasize that both the developers themselves as others can not overhear the conversations or messages. "Everything in Signal is always encrypted end-to-end, and carefully designed to protect your communication." For additional openness Open Whisper Systems has the source code of the app made ​​available so that experts can verify the protocols and cryptography.

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