Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hacking Team Gets Control Back Hacked Twitter Account

The Italian company Hacking Team spyware for governments to develop and victim of a very large hack became possible where all data was captured, has regained control over its own Twitter account after about 10 hours.

A group of attackers who "HackedTeam" named used the hijacked Twitter account to spread links to a torrent file containing the data that was captured at the break. It would go together to such a 400GB 500GB of data. How the attackers were able to gain access to the network is still unknown. The leaked documents would prove, however, that surveillance company weak passwords like "Passw0rd" used. In addition, should the software company SQL Injection vulnerabilities contain.

The burglary was also the source of all kinds of programs, as well as the software itself stolen. A number of the programs has now been on GitHub placed. Furthermore, it seems that the attackers hacked not only the company but also at least one employee of the company. The Gmail account of this employee would be hacked and his Twitter account. Meanwhile, the Gmail password changed and raised the Twitter account, so says a security engineer with the alias "bcrypt" via Twitter.Hacking Team's website is now also no longer accessible.

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