Monday, 6 July 2015

Italian Spyware Developer Hacked Hacking Team

Attackers have managed the controversial Italian surveillance operation and spyware developer Hacking Team to hack and thereby some have 400GB to 500GB of data captured, including financial data, software source code, e-mail and much more sensitive matters.

Hacking Team is a company that develops spyware for governments in recent years and was regularly in the news . The company's spyware would include being deployed by totalitarian regimes against activists. As Amnesty International showed a tool developed to detect the spyware Hacking Team. How the attackers, calling themselves Team Hacked call, access the data received is unknown. The stolen data is now distributed via .torrent files.

Evidenced by the now leaked information that the company customers in countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia has and the United Arab Emirates, but also Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany and the United States found in the customer base, as on Hacker News reported, and would from a post on Pastebin appear. An anonymous source leaves in front of Vice Magazine that the attackers have managed to steal all company.

Last year was the German-British Gamma International, developer of the FinFisher spyware same. The website was hacked and then published attackers database, ultimately to parliamentary questions resulted in Netherlands. In an e-mail now to Hacking Team was captured late CEO and founder of the Italian surveillance company David Vincenzetti, bending over his rival hacked off. "A wannabe competitor of ours is severely compromised," he writes. Hacking Team has not yet responded to the burglary, which about nine days ago was announced.


By now appear more and more details about the stolen data. There is an overview of the contents of the torrent file online appeared. Privacy activist Christopher Soghoian reports that the Italian company used illegal software, as there was a cracked version of a popular analysis tool found in the download. Another Twitter announced that the software Hacking Team vulnerable for SQL Injection.

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