Saturday, 4 July 2015

Malware Install Flash Player Update On Infected Computers

Vulnerable versions of Adobe Flash Player have become a popular target for cyber criminals to infect computers with malware. Reason for Kovter malware to update after infection from a computer to the existing Flash Player, so other malware can not infect the system.

Kovter can use computers to commit fraud ad (click fraud) or install ransomware. The malware can spread through various ways, such as contaminated ads that make unpatched Flash Player vulnerabilities use but can also be installed on computers that are already part of a botnet. Security Researcher JuK of the blog Malware Do not Need Coffee discovered the new method of malware.

The system that the researchers used for finding exploits suddenly decided to download Flash Player, whereas that was not the intention. The system must remain fragile namely, JuK notes. Further investigation revealed that it was the Kovter malware that the Flash Player update was downloaded and installed. It is not the first time that malware is taking measures to prevent infection by other malware. The betabot has, for instance an option to prevent attacks using Java and Adobe Reader.

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