Friday, 3 July 2015

Dropbox Will Compensate Users For Security Check

Dropbox is just like Google Drive users with free storage reward if they go through a security check.During the 'health check' that examines issues such as login method and institutions to share data. Users who go through the check at all will be rewarded with free storage. Patrick Heim Dropbox lets opposite site V3 know.

According to Heim find most attacks on users via reused passwords. "The biggest challenge is consumers who reuse credentials on multiple websites, and we see a pattern that be hacked websites, they may not know it, and the encrypted passwords are stolen." Then attackers can crack the password hashes and use it to log into other accounts from the user.

Heim says that after a hacked website logging increases with stolen passwords. He advises consumers whatsoever for any website to choose a unique password and set up two-factor authentication. In February this year rewarded Google users of Google Drive with 2GB of extra space when the security of their account through a security check checked. But it was a temporary one action has ended.

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