Friday, 3 July 2015

Qualcomm Develops Smartphone Kill Switch At The Chip Level

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm has developed a kill switch for smartphones that can lock the device at the chip level and will be applied by the software of the Czech anti-virus company AVG. The measure to protect consumers and their data in the event of a lost or stolen smartphone.

Safe Switch, as the technology is called, the device locks on the chip level. In addition, it protects users by encrypting data on the device. Any attempt to replace the SIM card, perform a factory reset or PIN to brute force makes the device temporarily unusable. After locking only the owner via a "master" PIN to unlock the device.

The technology will now be used in the applications of AVG and works on a select number of smartphones with Snapdragon chipsets. This week both companies demonstrated their solution. The cooperation should ensure that later this year an "end-to-end" business solution can be offered, says AVG .

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