Friday, 3 July 2015

T-Pot: Intel And Deutsche Telekom Launch HoneyPot Project

The German telco Deutsche Telekom and Intel are a honey pot project started to gather information about all kinds of threats and attacks on the internet. A honey pot is a system that aims to be attacked.Researchers can monitor the honey pot as how the attackers exact procedure and use this information to protect other systems.

If Deutsche Telekom is the honey pot technology in each device will be used which is connected to the Internet so that everywhere "cyber security sensors" are active. At present, Deutsche Telekom worldwide put down all kinds of honeypots.Through collaboration with Intel will this network be expanded with new sensors. It will also examine how honeypots can be developed and eventually be processed into a product for customers.

The development of new sensors, which can be integrated into any device with a computer, it is the ultimate goal of the project. This is to ensure that customers faster attacks are warned and can take action. For organizations and users now want to establish whether a honey pot, Deutsche Telekom's DTAG Community Honeypot Project created. Through the project, software is offered, for example, an Ubuntu system to change into a honey pot platform.

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