Monday, 7 September 2015

"Diffy" Twitter Open Source Tool That Catches Bugs Automatically

Diffy comes at Twitter apparently already longer used and is a help for teams that need to update parts of a software system in high frequency.

The micro-blogging service Twitter has with Diffy released as open source software, which automatically As for errors in Apache Thrift- and HTTP services. Thrift is communication protocol or open source framework for building interoperable and scalable services. Diffy comes at Twitter apparently already longer used and appears to be helpful for teams that work on parts of an application in high frequency. This then rarely come by when writing unit tests, which should guarantee high test coverage.

"Growing the complexity of a system, it quickly becomes impossible to achieve adequate test coverage through self-written tests," writes Puneet Khanduri, Member of Twitters Tools and Frameworks team: "Then you need more ambitious automated techniques in which developers engage only slightly must. " Diffy is what then come at Twitter, for use.

Mainly written in the Scala, Diffy operates well as a proxy that runs on the side of the old and new code side, while the behavior compares and displays any differences.

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