Thursday, 3 September 2015

Expert: Trackers Create Websites Painfully Slow

Trackers for ads and analyzing visitors are not only a privacy issue, they make websites also painfully slow which makes it sometimes seems that the time of the dial is back. This enables security expert Sean Sullivan of the Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure.

As an example, Sullivan, the American site of Ikea, when nine different trackers rotate, according to data from Ghostery. In this case were authorized third party cookies. Sullivan then went to the Finnish website of Ikea, but did not allow cookies from third parties. In this case there were 11 trackers ago. In the case of third-party cookies had been granted, were charged a total of 49 trackers.

"If the trackers are allowed to place their cookies, they often charge more resources and slows down the browsing," Sullivan noted. "It is 2015, but many websites load as if it was 1999". The expert also advises to block third-party cookies in your browser. "The earlier trackers are disabled better Internet experience."

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