Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Linux Foundation Publishes Checklist For Linux Security

The Linux Foundation is a checklist published for protecting Linux workstations. The list of recommendations is itself used by all employees of the Linux Foundation as a basis for the security systems and should reduce the risk of an attack on the infrastructure.

This enables Kai Ryabitsev, administrator of the Linux Foundation. The nonprofit foundation focuses on promoting Linux. According Ryabitsev is no comprehensive policy document explaining the security of systems to the smallest detail. It should be seen rather as a number of basic recommendations. In addition, the checklist is not a substitute for experience, caution and common sense, notes the system administrator. The checklist discusses various topics such as choosing the right hardware, distribution and installation.

So there must when choosing a system, for example to take into account whether the system supports Secure Boot, no FireWire, or ExpressCard has Thunderbolt ports and whether a TPM chip is present. Regarding Linux distribution it is especially important to choose a distribution which publishes security bulletins, patches deliver timely, supports cryptographic verification of standard packages and offering full disk encryption. On Reddit, the recommendations already adopted an extensive discussion.

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