Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Trojan Blocks Malware On Infected Computers

A Trojan horse is designed to steal money from online bank accounts show the spoils do not want to share with other cyber criminals. Once active blocking Trojan namely other malware on the infected computer. Let researchers at IBM know.

The Shifu Trojan, as malware is called, focuses on Japanese and European banks and for several months running. The malware steals all kinds of data required for online banking, such as passwords, personal certificates and tokens, as well as data from smart cards. Via VNC or Remote Desktop Protocol cyber criminals can directly from the infected computer to commit bank fraud. What stands out to Shifu, the steps taken to block other malware. The Trojan uses a type of virus-like feature, allowing files to be downloaded from the internet and malware are blocked.

It is in this case for executable files that are not signed and are downloaded via HTTP. These files will block the Trojan and sends it to its creators, presumably in order to keep the competition in mind. To let the user suspects nothing to see a message that the system has enough memory for the downloaded file. According to the researchers, it is the first time that malware draw up special rules for stopping suspicious files.

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