Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Victim Phone Scam For 7000 Euro Scammed

Britain is a victim of a phone scam for 7000 euro defrauded, according to what that person comes from a data leak which last year took place at his former provider. In December 2014 it was announced that attackers a database of UK ISP TalkTalk had been hacked.

In addition, the data of millions of customers were captured, including name and phone number. Because of connection problems, the victim decided in May this year to another provider to switch. Not much later, the victim was called by someone posing as TalkTalk employee. He stated that there were problems with some routers and computers. The "employee" then sought to gain remote access to the computer, which the victim downloaded a file.

After the so-called employee had taken over control of the computer, there finally appeared a message on the screen that the user had rights to 270 euros. Via internet banking showed the "employee" that the money was transferred. Instead of 270 euro, however, was paid 7,000 euros. Then asked the "employee" or the excess amount transferred could be returned via Money Gram or he would lose his job. The victim did. Only later it turned out that the 7000 euro of the savings account was transferred to the bank account of the victim and there was a scam.

According to the victim, there is evidence that his computer was monitored from December. TalkTalk will however not cover the damage. The victim then approached the Guardian, but the British newspaper reports that there is no chance of damages. TalkTalk states in a reaction that a small number of clients using the stolen data has been approached by phone scammers. However, the provider says that the customer's own website for scam alerts.

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