Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Adblock Plus: New Browser Blocks Ads On iOS And Android

The makers of the popular browser extension Adblock Plus have today a self-developed browser for iOS and Android launched ad-blocking. This is the first time a AdBlocker on iOS devices available and the developers make their comeback in Google Play.

Several years ago Google Adblock Plus namely decided to remove it from the Google Play store. The expansion, which is available for various browsers, has been downloaded more than 400 million times and has tens of millions of active users.According to the developers, this indicates that Internet users want to block ads. In order to ensure that ads also on mobile devices can be blocked was developed Adblock Browser.

According to the developers saves Adblock Browser data and battery consumption. Studies show that ads 20% of the battery can charge. In addition, advertisements also consume data and therefore cost users money, according to the developers.Another reason for blocking ads is to protect privacy and prevent malware. Adblock Browser not only blocks infected ads, the browser has an option to block malware domains. "Adblock Browser protects your privacy because it has additional features that block trackers", so the announcement says.

Finally his ads on mobile devices very troublesome, according to the developers. Adblock Browser is based on the Kitt browser of a software company called Salsita. A test version of the browser for Android was available from May and was downloaded by 300,000 people.

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