Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Serious Vulnerability In Web Version WhatsApp Poem

A serious vulnerability in the Web version of WhatsApp made ​​it possible for attackers to infect computers with malware when users opened a seemingly innocent vCard contact card. This was discovered by security researcher Kasif Dekel of Check Point.

To attack a user to the attacker need only to know the telephone number of the account. WhatsApp Web allows users to view any type of file that can be sent via mobile, including photos, videos, music, locations, and contact cards. An attacker could hide malicious code in vCard contact card. Once the user opened the card was possible through the malicious code to install additional malware on the computer.

WhatsApp recently passed the 900 million users, of which 200 million are estimated to use WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web synchronizes the messages that users receive on their phone or desktop, or send, so messages on both devices are visible.WhatsApp has released an update and measures to prevent abuse. Users must download the update myself. The problem is solved according to Check Point in version 0.1.4481

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