Wednesday, 9 September 2015

American Police Scanner Developed For MAC Addresses

An agent of an American police force has a scanner developed that can scan the police MAC addresses, to trace as stolen Wi-Fi equipment. L8NT, as the scanner is called, is especially meant for greater things, such as finding a phone at a burglary has been captured.

"If your cell phone is stolen in a pub ... That's not necessarily something that L8NT is for. But if your house is broken into and your mobile phone is stolen, then I am as police chief in the technology interested" so let David Schwindt across from The Gazette know. Schwindt developed the MAC scanner. The software is a kind of USB antenna that is connected to the laptop in police cars. The scanner has a database of MAC addresses of stolen equipment. Then comes from the police car to a distance of 100 meters to MAC addresses in the neighborhood are searched.

The MAC address is a unique identification number assigned to the network adapter. Devices transmit this address via wifi off continuously. In case the unit is off, the scanner will not pick up the address. In addition, consumers should know what is the MAC address of their equipment and pass it in case of theft or burglary to the police. The L8NT scanner will next month be demonstrated during a police conference in Chicago. Below already a YouTube video explaining the operation of the scanner.

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