Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Website Headache Centers New Twitter Malware

At several websites attackers have posted malicious code that attempt to infect visitors with malware. It is the Society's website of Dutch Headache Centers and New Twitter, says security researcher Yonathan Klijnsma via Twitter.

In the case of New Twitter that Twitter has more than 10,000 followers, the added code points to the Angler-exploitkit. This exploitkit uses known vulnerabilities, including Adobe Flash Player. What malware is being spread Klijnsma do not know by exploitkit. Angler among other things used to install the Bedep Trojan on unpatched computers.

This Trojan may download additional malware onto the computer and use the system for various forms of cyber crime, such as click and advertising fraud. Klijnsma, also a researcher at the Delft security firm Fox-IT, warned in recent weeks regularly for hacked websites which malware spread. According to the researcher, there is a campaign in which criminals hack into websites and provide malicious code.

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