Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fraudsters Masquerading As British Banking On Twitter

Fraudsters have created an account on Twitter where they occur as the helpdesk of a British bank, but in reality they send people to a phishing site. The scammers registered on September 4 the account "AskMetroBank" and copied one-to-one to the profile information of the real Twitter account of Metro Bank, which can be found at "MetroBank_Help".

From the fake Twitter profile respond to the scammers on people's real Twitter account of the bank had asked a question. It was always used the same answer, that people to a phishing site by referring to verify the credentials of online banking there.Some users had the fraud by. Eventually warned also the bank for the scammers. Although the phishing site has since been taken down, the Twitter account of the scam is still active.

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