Wednesday, 9 September 2015

German Company Develops Anti-Espionage Tool Under Windows 10

The German software company Ashampoo has a free program that responds to privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10. "AntiSpy for Windows 10" as the software is called, allows users to configure security, protect their privacy, location services off, and prevents Windows 10 diagnostic and usage data to Microsoft will send.

According Ashampoo Windows 10 offers many 'comfort features' such as Cortana which should simplify everyday life. For this, the operating system collects real 'huge amounts of data "and analyzes user profiles to display personalized ads, according to the developers. "By default, Windows 10 is set to collect than many users would allow more data," as they note.

During the installation of Windows 10 are a lot of options previously enabled and the user remains unclear what use data sends the operating system. "Do you really want Windows 10 to access your calendar, email, location and many other institutions have?" Ashampoo asks. Through AntiSpy users can now easily adjust all settings. The program has two preset preferences, ie disable all reports to Microsoft or use the settings recommended by Ashampoo.

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