Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Survey: Half iPhones Vulnerable To Hackers

Half of all iPhone users running an older version of iOS, allowing appliances to miss updates to more than a hundred vulnerabilities. This places Duo Security on the basis of its own research. Half of the test apparatus takes IOS 8.4 or 8.4.1, while the other half 8.3 or IOS parent has been installed. IOS rating 8.3 released on April 8 this year, five months ago.

Many users therefore risk. Thus resolved in iOS 8.4.1 two major vulnerabilities, called Ins0mnia and Quicksand. These are only two known vulnerabilities. Additionally, iOS 8.4.1 fixed it much more vulnerabilities. Despite the impact shows that 91% of iPhone users a week after the release of the new version had not yet been installed.

The investigation of Duo Security also shows that 31% of iPhones on iOS 2.8 or above running. These users miss updates to more than 160 security vulnerabilities. It also appears that 14% were still running iOS 7 or older works. These devices miss updates to more than 230 vulnerabilities. "Compare it with desktop computers. We have a desktop for months or years to miss security updates nor to the corporate network. We have to think the same way on mobile devices," said Mike Hanley.

For 20 million iPhone users, it is not possible to update, because they use an unsupported device. It is about the iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The oldest mobile Apple does not yet support the iPhone 4s. If Apple this would stop supporting the number of aircraft not receive updates more to rise to 60 million. Users who want to be safe in this case no other option than to purchase a new device.

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