Thursday, 10 September 2015

Microsoft Checks On Millions Of Computers Ransomware

Since yesterday evening, Microsoft has millions of Windows computers on the presence of an active ransomware family-controlled. It involves the Teerac-ransomware, which has been active since early 2014. In recent months, hundreds of thousands of computers with ransomware in touch.

These are essentially computers in Australia, Germany and Turkey. Teerac spreads via email attachments. When a user opens the attachment kinds of files are encrypted and there should be a fee of $ 500 in bitcoin paid to recover the files.According to Microsoft appear every day new instances of ransomware to avoid being detected by anti-virus software.

Due to the increasing activity of Teerac decided the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) update in Windows so that the program can recognize and remove ransomware. The MSRT is a removal tool which is updated every month with new virus definitions and then scan the computer. In the case of an infection, the malware found is then removed. According to Microsoft, prevention is better than cure. Users also are advised to make backups, to keep software up to date, use a pop-up blocker and not to open attachments from strangers.

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