Thursday, 10 September 2015

US Apple Asks In Vain For Real-Time Data iMessage

The US authorities have Apple this summer unsuccessfully asked to hand over the real-time data from iMessage users. The Justice Department had obtained a court order in which Apple was instructed in real-time to provide the messages iMessage users.

Apple argued that iMessage encrypted communication uses and users only have the keys. It was therefore not comply with the court order, reports the New York Times. Eventually, the defendants in the trial, or conducts interviews there who had stored in iCloud. Apple will maintain standard messages. Users can choose to do so, the message is then stored unencrypted.

Although the stored messages were not finally passed in real time, it was the information that the judiciary was looking for.Although little is yet known about the confrontation between Apple and the Justice Department, the US civil rights movement praises EFF attitude of Apple. "Because iMessage end-to-end encryption where users only have the keys, Apple can not recommend this kind of meeting, unless it adds a backdoor for the US government," said Bill Budington of the EFF.

According Buddington would implement a backdoor jeopardize the safety of any iMessage user at risk. Something that Apple refuses to do. Although Apple refused the request, the US government decided not to take any sanctions against the software company. In recent months, government officials and the director of the FBI regularly about the existence complained of encryption, and argued that a solution should be found so that the data can be approached anyway. The EFF argues that this kind of debate in the public domain belong and a public debate should follow before such systems are implemented.

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