Saturday, 18 April 2015

Alarmfase Internet Increased Due To Leak In HTTP.sys

The Internet Storm Center (ISC) has raised the alert for internet to color code yellow, now that attacks have been observed on a vulnerability in Windows which on Tuesday published a patch. Through the vulnerability in the HTTP.sys file to send attacker at worst systems take over completely by only a single HTTP request.

The attacks, which now has the ISC observed , however, cause a Denial of Service. Something that is still a problem, since the vulnerability especially playing at web servers. According to an estimate by Netcraft Internet company would be 70 million websites run risk. A denial of service of a web server means that a web application or website temporarily not working or is accessible.

The attackers who are behind the attacks now perform "wide web" scans. In addition to a Denial of Service, an attacker through the leak also can steal information systems. In addition to installing the patch can also be chosen to "kernel caching" off, but this may adversely affect the performance of the server.

Color codes

In total, the ISC uses four color codes, green is the lowest level, followed by yellow, orange and red color code as the highest level. Yellow means that there is a new threat is followed whose impact on the infrastructure remains unknown or bad.However, the local impact can be pretty. Users and administrators also are advised to immediately install the available updates. Red color code only applies to situations where a large part of the internet no longer works. Early this year, the color code has also been increased to yellow, then because of a vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player.

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