Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Scale Attack Through Infected Google Ads

Last night there was a large-scale attack on Internet via infected Google ads place. Advertisements and the website of Engage Lab, a Bulgarian company that clients advertising space offered by Google, including through DoubleClick, were found to contain malicious code, as discovered the Delft security firm Fox-IT .

The malicious code sent visitors who see the ads were unnoticed through to another website. This website was exploitkit placed that visitors through known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, Java Oracle and Microsoft Silverlight tried to infect.In case users up-to-date were unsuccessful attack. Users who had forgotten to install the available security updates could become infected with malware.

After about two hours there were no ads found infected through the ad network Engage Lab. To prevent attacks via infected ads advises Fox-IT updating software like Java, Silverlight and Flash Player and the use of a AdBlocker.

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