Wednesday, 15 April 2015

RTF Most Popular File Type In Targeted Attacks

Attackers who use through targeted attacks on organizations trying to break into the most RTF documents, claims the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro . E-mail attachments that were used in targeted attacks last year was 24% of the cases to an RTF document.

Also DOC documents with 22% a popular file type. According to Trend Micro to explain the popularity of both file types because many organizations working with Microsoft Word. PDF documents are contrary despite the dominance of Adobe Reader hardly used in targeted attacks. Only 2% of the attacks took place via a PDF attachment.

Although last year zero-day attacks took place where attackers used a vulnerability in PowerPoint for which no update was available, it appears that simply avoid most targeted attacks. In many cases use is being made from vulnerabilities that are years old. A known vulnerability CVE-2012-0158. This is a flaw in Word that three years ago was patched. In 10% of the targeted attacks an exploit for this vulnerability was used.

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