Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Users Turn Off Virus Because USB Malware

Malware that spreads via USB drives is still a major problem, but some users make cyber criminals very easily by ignoring warnings from their antivirus and even disable the security software. That informs anti-virus company Avast.

The virus fighter gives every day some 140,000 people a warning because the Jenxcus worm that was found on the USB stick. The malware last year was the target of a major operation by Microsoft, but is still active, which is also explained by some users. On infected USB drives the worm makes all kinds of shortcuts with the same names as the files that were already on the USB stick. However, the shortcuts point to the malware. Jenxcus also has backdoor capabilities, allowing attackers to gain access to the infected computer.

According Avast let most people remove the malware on their USB stick, but there is also a group that keeps alive and active infection. These users namely refuse to believe that there is a threat and argue that the virus has it wrong, says analyst Antonin Hyza. Then they turn off the anti-virus software so that the malware can infect their computer. One of the most common reasons to disable the virus scanner is that they use the file continuously or that it only involves an image. In the case of Jenxcus, however, refers to shortcuts. Once the computer is infected will infect the newly connected USB sticks again and the infection cycle can repeat itself.

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