Thursday, 23 April 2015

Funny Monkeys Movie Success Cyber Spies

A group of cyber spies before the White House and the US State Department attacked proving very successful in organizations, companies and other targets to penetrate through more than a funny monkey movie. The group is by the Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab also "Office Monkeys" mentioned, but also get the names and CozyDuke CozyBear.

The attackers were particularly since the second half of 2014 are very active and use different methods of attack, including links to zip files. These zip files contain a self extracting rar file a blank PDF file shows as a distraction. In another successful group of attack were called Flash movies sent as e-mail attachments. A good example is the annex "Office Monkeys LOL".

The zip file contains an .exe file that a flash video of a couple of monkeys in an office shows. In the background the exe file to install sophisticated malware. The file might have been widely opened by a victim, as the virus fighter says. Many of the malware that the group used is fake digital certificates from Intel and AMD signed, what should hinder detection. Once activated the malware steals all kinds of information and files systems.

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