Sunday, 26 April 2015

Free Online Service Scans Inbox Passwords

Many Internet users would save passwords in the inbox of their email account, so that risk once the account is hacked. Security Dash Lane has developed an online service that checks the contents of the inbox on passwords and then displays.

In this way, users can see which online accounts they have all signed up and how many passwords and login data are yet to be found in their inbox. Even if the accounts are no longer used this forms according Dash Lane a risk because they can help logging in to other accounts, especially if the same password is used for multiple accounts.

Dash Lane forgets to mention that an attacker access to the email account has in many cases other accounts registered to take over at the e-mail account by resetting the password, assuming a different password for these accounts than that of the email account is used. Scan Inbox , such as the online service is called, is free to use. Found personal information according Dash Lane only visible to users and not for the company.

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