Sunday, 19 April 2015

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Attacked In Flash Player And Windows

Attackers have recent period zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Windows uses to break into organizations. The vulnerability in Flash Player has been patched , but Microsoft is still working on an update. According to security firm FireEye involves targeted attacks.

For carrying out the attack must open a link target of the attackers. Subsequently, a site loaded that leak in Flash Player used to execute code. Through the Windows Player attackers can then increase their rights on the computer. At the time of the attack were both vulnerabilities not yet been patched.

Although Windows still waiting for an update, users should install the latest Flash Player security risk no longer walk. The attack on the Windows play would effectively observed only in combination with the Flash Player leak, according to the American FireEye. In case the attack is successfully installed malware on the system that allows full access to the attackers. Who is behind the attack is unknown, but FireEye calls it "likely" that it is a Russian spy group.

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